NetDDE, Intellution iFix (Dynamics) and Excel


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Rick Hudson


Anyone have any thoughts on the following:

I am using NetDDE to move information from an Intellution iFix application running on NT4.0 on one PC (PC A) to an Excel spreadsheet on another PC (PC B). PC B is also running NT 4.0.

(1) The NetDDE in the Excel on PC A will not connect unless there is a drive mapped from PC B (the one running the Intellution).

(2) If the PC B (running Intellution) is restarted, and the Excel spreadsheet remains open on PC A, once PC B is up and running the data in the spreadsheet fails to upate automatically. If the spreadsheet is manually closed and then
reopened the data does begin to update automatically.

Can the NetDDE connection be established without the need to map drives?

Can the re-connection be made automatic, even if the DDE server (the Intellution PC, in this case) restarts while the client (the Excel) remains open? (Using plain old DDE on a local machine, the process does act automatically.)


Rick Hudson