NetDDE using TCP/IP protocol


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Mike Woods

I need to communicate with a DDE server running on a VAX (This is a Wonderware product called NetDDE for VMS). I have found that NetDDE Extensions (A common component installed with Wonderware InTouch) must be installed on the PC to link to the VAX. The reason for this is the Microsoft NetDDE only works with the NetBEUI protocol, but the VAX DDE Server only works with TCP/IP. Do you know of any other PC product (for NT) which will allow NetDDE over a TCP/IP protocol?
We have read your problem and like you, a long time ago we already encountered that barrier. We have developed a solution in which having the communication protocol against which you want to accede (in your case netDDE), we put those data to you in TCP/IP and with possibility of read/write from IE or Netscape... as the tool we to it have developed, we can adapt it to your exact necessities. David [email protected]