NetDDE with Excel and AB


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Paul Huffman

I can get my spreadsheet to update its data froma local install of RSLinx Pro but it still shows #NA when I try to get it from a remote PC. I have NetBios over TCP on, I have a trusted share with RSLINX as the Application name and the correct topic. I even have a $ after the share name like MS suggests. Can anyonehelp me out here? Thanks in advance.
I think the only way you can do that remotely is if you have RsLinx Gateway. This will allow you to use it (the remote PC) as a gateway to the PLC for data collection and also remote programing.

Mathias Wildermuth

Create a DDE Share on your remote PC by typing ddeshare in the run command line. then start netdde on your local computer. start excel and type ='\\remotepcname\ndde$'|'topicname'!'n7:0'.

I've been working on this myself for a while and it's working great.