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in according with automation,I have a problem in choosing the best field bus for plc's. actually I am not sure which of them is the best selection, which of them has the most benefit for each layer of factory if there is any research in this field please mail it for me or show me the way.


João Nascimento

I dont know a study about Networking in the PLC's, but depending on which type of PLC you are using may vary the network.
In networking with the same type of PLC's (same companie) you should use the network of that companie (Ex: DH+ or DH485 for Allen Bradley, Profibus for Siemens, Modbus Plus for Modicon (Telemecanique), ...)
In high automation levels (connection to Process control of diferent type of equipment's) you shoul use Eternet, because most of the companies have devices that do the interface with that type of network.

I hope this clear's a litle bit of your problem
João Nascimento
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I have quite a bit of experience with many fieldbuses and here is my opinions as far as which I like and in what order of preference:
Interbus-very easy, flexible, good performance
DeviceNet-more difficult, not as flexible, decent performance, good product following in industry because it's allenbradley.
Profibus-requires thought in designing topology but if designed correctly it can have good performance.
Ethernet I/O is the direction companies are moving so that only one network is present on the shop floor and the management level. Performance is still an issue but that is quickly changing.

G. Fry