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Bob Munch

Dear List:

I have a customer who is currently monitoring Flows, Temperatures, pH and conductivity parameters throughout their factory using networkable instruments. Each instrument transmitter takes in 4 sensors and relays that
info over a RS-422 network to a PC.(Over a belden 6 conductor cable) The PC then talks DH+ to an Allen Bradley PLC 5. There are a total of 34
transmitters x4 sensors =134 instrument points.
The original manufacturer no longer supports the transmitters. This means my customer must replace the instrumentation. Can anyone on the list suggest another supplier that has instrumentation that can be networked. Obviously we would like to keep as much of the topology the same as possible. It would be expensive to reconductor the entire plant....All suggestions welcome.

PS: Thanks to all on the list for expressing support for our tragedy here in America.

Bob Munch
I.Q. Controls Corporation
Los Angeles, CA 90048