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Andrew Hodgekins

I'm responsible for designing the control system for a new production line. On the old system, we have Mitsubishi FX PLCs, on an RS-485 network, that lets them talk to our SCADA system. On the new system, we would like the PLCs to be able to share information. I know that FX PLCs cannot do this, but I am considering using FX2Ns or FX1Ns. These can be configured to share a small amount of data, on a master:slave N:N network basis. If I were to setup the system to do this, would I still be able to communicate with the SCADA system (National Instruments Lookout 4.01) as I do now, or would the protocol have changed, so this is no longer possible?

Any comments or hints appreciated - replies via email would be best.

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Andrew Hodgekins
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