neural network program written in visual basic


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siamak hashemi

I am trying to use Neural Netwroks to predict some missing parameters (mainly independent numeric properties). The data are stored in MS Excel and Access and I am trying to run the Neural Network in the same environment.
I'm looking for a freeware VISUAL BASIC application in Neural Networks to use in MS Excel or MS Access.
Is anybody aware of such a program?
Many thanks in advance
Siamak Hashemi

James Gibbons

I doubt that you will find much in VB for neural networks other than some simple demo programs. They are computationally intense and are better programmed in C++ or another efficient OPP language. You should also state what you are trying to use the network for as there are many types of NN structures and they can be used for many different applications. Look up the author Timothy Masters on Amazon and you will find a reasonably good C++ book on the subject with code.
Sorry, 'neural' means nothing to me except
gyzma. However, as you mentioned some form of advanced things in Visual Basic, then there is a freeware extremely powerful graphic package called "KyPlot".
I have it (but can not make it work).
The man that wrote it seems so extraordinary that
he may be helpfull in your 'Neural'
His e.mail:
[email protected]
Please let me know [email protected]

Bobby Chandra

As far as I can see, I'm having difficulties to find any reference about making a neural network using VB. I often see the implementation of neural network using C++. I asked some friend about that, and many of them told me that VB isn't powerful enough for complex NN like the one you want to make. Anyway, I'm still trying to figure it out and I'll tell you if I'm succeed (I hope you too). Good Luck

Bob Woolsey BPB Industries

Hi Siamak Try, they market braincel which is an Excel add-in. It also comes with a DLL which is call-able from stand-alone Visual Basic and VBA. They have a freeware version which you can try - it only allows about 25 rows of Excel data but it will give you some idea of its power. I find it very useful, and great fun to use! Regards Bob Woolsey

Imran Ali Khan

I m now a days working on Neural Net in Visual Basic Application, so i found some information material which help a lot about a neural net in VB as well, Statistica Visual Basic Languange is a platform where we can implement Neural Network

Please contact me if want to interact with me on this subject, I m studnet of BSc.(Hons) in Computing. I would like to learn somthing from u as well.
To: Siamak Hashemi

Did you ever come across a freeware or shareware
Neural Network application written in Vbasic?
Most of what I've seen has require Java or C++.
A VB neural net toolkit would be useful to me
also; I have a thermal application that I'd
like to be able to model the response for with
a neural network and avoid having to run a
time-consuming exact model for each new set
of parameters being considered.

Gene McGraw
Sverdrup Technology
[email protected]