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Walt Boyes

I am pleased to announce that:

_eBusiness in Manufacturing: Putting the Internet to Work in the Industrial Enterprise_ by Walt Boyes and Shari Worthington, ISA Press, ISBN 1556177585 is available from ISA Press at and coming soon from Amazon and other fine booksellers.

Other Automation List members who contributed to the book include Ken Crater, Charlie Gifford of Interwave Technology, Dan Miklovic of Gartner
Group, Fred Putnam of Labtech and Dick Morley.

Some reviews:

"e-Business in Manufacturing is latest -- and perhaps the best -- book to focus on the special problem manufacturing companies face in attempting to make the Internet a viable business tool. What distinguishes this book from others is the author's willingness to go beyond the surface details and fluffy generalizations found in the majority of business writing today.

"Can the information in the book help end the confusion between your IS and marketing managers? Yes. Can this book help you explain to your operating managers how the Internet can help grow the business? Yes again. Can this book help increase your probability of achieving a positive ROI on your Internet investment? Definitely yes."

- Prentis Hall, President, Industrial Marketing Practice Association

"* Tells how business in the future could, should and WILL be. Buy a hundred copies of this book, and distribute them to your employees, suppliers and customers.
* Relates all the latest advances of eBiz and eCRM to the Instrumentation, Manufacturing and Automation world.
* If you are in industrial automation, you need this book!
* Relates the complex technical jargon of the fast-changing Internet eBiz world for the busy, yet involved marketing, sales and business manager in the world of industrial automation."

--Jim Pinto, (former Chairman and CEO of Action Instruments, an Invensys company)

"A thought provoking, well executed book which tackles the tough problems in e-business. Certainly a guidebook for the enterprise of today. Covers the basics, through implementation, and into technology. The reader won't get lost with this roadmap, though. Cover your assets, read "e-Business in Manufacturing" and learn.

-Dick Morley, inventor of the PLC, and co-author of _The Technology Machine: How Manufacturing Will Work in the Year 2020_

"For those of us that thought the dot-commers were living on another planet, here is a terrific book that maps the terrain of how the 'Net can be put to work for a manufacturing company. Walt and Shari (Shari and Walt?) cover a lot of territory in describing how the 'Net can enhance, extend and improve business operations. If there is one book you should read to get the lay of the land, this is it."

--Jim Geisman, President, Marketshare Inc. (and one of the Arpanet design team)

Shari and I are very proud of our book. We hope you like it.


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