New forum on Automation Safety

Hi all,

Every time we hear of an accident in our own industry or a related field, we're reminded of how much importance is attached to the safety aspect of our work. Many of us are dealing with the control of actuators and mechanisms with significant forces involved, sometimes in proximity to workers. Although no precautions can completely eliminate the potential for injury, we can employ practices and technologies which can and do make a difference in the safety of the plants we work in.

All of which is why I'm pleased to announce the new Automation Safety Community at, accessible at . We've obtained the agreement of one of the leaders in this field, Omron Automation & Safety / STI, to sponsor the new forum, and to provide some information resources relating to the topic.

The new forum will specialize in such topics as safety standards, light curtains, two-hand controls, safety relays, as well as engineering practices which encourage safe design. To get things started, I'll be posting some questions that have come up recently, and we'll be carrying over discussions from the main forum that relate to safety topics.

I hope you'll find this new community helpful, and that it will result in greater consciousness of safe design practices in the work we do daily.

Ken Crater, Founder
Nerds in Control LLC