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Mario de Sousa

Hi everybody,

For the benefit of those following the structure of the /lib directory:

- the /lib/smm has been diided into two libraries, the gmm and the cmm
- the /lib/cmm - confguration memory manager - manages the shared memory where the point info is stored
- the /lib/gmm - global memory manager - manages the shared memory used for the plc point's global state

I have started an as yet nonworking synch library (/lib/synch) to deal with the synchronisation of modules.

The smm-mgr and plctest utility programs, which were still in the /lib/smm, were made independent of internal library APIs, which allowed them to be moved to their own directory /lib/util. I don't think this is exactly the best place for these programs, but I put them here until we can find a proper home for them. In the mean time, I updated the demo and Makefiles of the /demo/basic and /dirvers/modbus.tcp directories to reflect the new access path to the utility progs.


Mario J. R. de Sousa
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