New release of Allen Bradley Ethernet Library


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Ron Gage

Hi Folks:

It's been almost 6 months since I last sent out anything about the Allen Bradley Ethernet Library (ABEL) for Linux. Time to get off of my duff, huh?

Well, version 0.1.8 of ABEL is out for your downloading enjoyment! This version contains substantial bug fixes in Pyramid support. Basically, now you can write data to the Pyramid as well as read. There were a few other bug fixes in a few other areas as well.

This library is provided without charge or royality. It is completely open source and free. It is yours to do with as you wish. If you make any changes to the library, I only ask that you send me the changes (this is not a demand) so I can keep the library as useful and up to date as possible.

The library may be downloaded from

Go easy on the ftp site - it's on a 56k dialup.

The library has been written on a Slackware Linux system. The library is known to work on other platforms (HP/ux, Solaris, WinNT, etc) but is not
guarenteed to work out of the box (you may need to change some things to get it to work).

Please feel free to send any comments you may have regarding the library, good or bad, to me. I appreciate any oppertunity to make the library better!

Ron Gage - Saginaw, MI
([email protected])