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Jan Krabbenbos

Hi all,

Since last week I've been reading through the messages on the LinuxPLC mailinglist. I've got the few questions about the project, before I jump
into the discussions:
- Is there a summary or a document that states all the decisions made on the design of the LinuxPLC? All the information is fragmentated in the load of messages on the list.
- How are things organized within the group of people attending the list? At the moment I've got the feeling some people have their own LinuxPLC already up and running. This might not be true, but that how _I_ see it at the moment.

I hope to be usefull for the project, both in helping with the design and programming (If my boss leaves me some time :). I have programmed
PLCs for approx. 10 years, mainly Siemens S5, S7. Had a few projects with AB and Modicon. Further I did a lot of HMI and SCADA project. I have designed and programmed compilers for a subset of the IEC1131-3 Structured Text language to Instruction List language and from Instruction List to 2 different Siemens S5 PLCs. I still have the YACC, Lex and C code for that, although I know for Bison and Flex I have to adapt it (and solve a few bugs). Currently I am employed as a C/C++ programmer for Unix.


/\ Jan Krabbenbos
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Tom Reinecke

Nice to have Jan participating here.

The project is in a brainstorming phase. Everybody is contributing with ideas and everything is allowed, even multiple ownership of outputs and other crazy things.

Please all hold back evaluating ideas, as this will limit the pool of new thoughts too early. When there are a buch of initiatives identified, a framework will be established and more structured work will follow, based on priority, merit and such.

As for now, we need a flip chart of all ideas and concepts discussed so far, for record keeping and to avoid duplication of questions when newcomers arrive. That would be best on the web site, FAQ style.


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