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New project retrofitting a metal cutting band saw. I have an Automation Direct DL06 PLC. Want to use that, along with a Weintek 7" HMI panel (ebay). The stock feed will be controlled with a Servo motor and Ball Screw. presently it uses a hyd. cylinder. The HMI panel will display some controls, and show machine condition data.

I have electro-mechanical and machining/fab. knowledge, but very little PLC programming skills. So I need help with the PLC programming and what's needed to build the program.

I have examples (youtube videos) of similar machines that show how the program needs to work.


James Ingraham

I hate to leave you with no answer, but the reality is that it's very difficult to point you to resources when you're starting from scratch. AutomationDirect has documentation for their software, at least, which is the best place to start. Failing that, you'll do as well just to do a Google search on PLC programming. There are even some courses on Udemy, etc. that you could try.

-James Ingraham
Sage Automation, Inc.
This is not so much about PLC programming but designing a system having worked out what is required. Then making sure the equipment you have will achieve that or cost in additional bits and pieces if it doesn't.

Are HMI screens going to be sketched out or make them up as you go along?

Is the functional requirement going to be written down or is it so straightforward you can throw a scheme together?

And when you finally have a working machine - are the operators happy with it, and is it safe ?