Newbie Help Needed - Dart Drive Speed Controller


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Newbie here needing help troubleshooting a Dart 125DV200EB Speed Controller. I am a beekeeper and have a 150 gal honey extractor with a Dodge 3/4HP 90VDC 4-wire Shunt Motor driven by a new Dart 125DV200EB Speed Controller. My old Reliance fastpak died.

I have everything wired up according to the manual and set the pots to the 3/4HP specification. However, when I increase the speed control the cage starts to spin then stops and pulses. As a newbie, I don't have a clue why it would do this.

Any suggestions?
Sounds like the drive might be in overload and folding back current. Current is torque to a motor (generically), so if the load requires more current than available from the motor/drive to do the work, the drive will try to protect it by "folding back" the amount of current it delivers to stay within the capacity of the motor. Look at Dart manual about that. You might look at load to see if anything has changed or has aged (and providing higher load resistance/friction). If motor is old and has brushes, they may need to be replaced.
I couldn't find a manual for that unit which seems very basic not having a fault code readout or indicator LED's for fault codes. but that behavior could be a Gain adjustment since it sounds like it is hunting.