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I am trying my hands on WinCC and OPC recently. Could anybody please where can I find the sample projects and tutorials for WinCC especially, and also for OPC. I am working on the communication between these two.

To be precise I want to have have Simulator for data generation from where the OPC server will read(get) the data and then WinCC as a client gets data from OPC server and then I need alter the states of the graphic in my my WinCC project.

Any help would be of great help.

Thanks a lot,
I worked with WinCC and OPC about a year ago. I called the Siemens/WinCC tech support line (1-800-333-7421) and they e-mailed me demo files, etc... Everything they sent was very helpful - I would send you the stuff myself but I switched jobs and can't locate the information. Give them a call, they will e-mail you what you need.

Joe M.

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Aneesh Kotwal

Dear Mr.Praveen,

I would like to know where you want to implement the WinCC also give me the brief about your project and the process. I might have the solution.

Presently I am working with Siemens Ltd., India in IT PS division we do undertake the Process control projects.

Recently, I started too with the OPC programming. And I have similar questions. I just have samples with OPC Clients... But I need write the OPC Server and I can't find any samples of it anywhere. Can you help me with it if you have found something about OPC Server?
Dear Aneesh, Unfortunately, I could not log onto this site after I posted the question. thanks a lot. I too work for SISL, electronis city, B'lore. We still have some more unresolved things with WinCC. Let me have your number. I will talk to you sometime with more querries. Thank you. Praveen [email protected]