Next Steps for Robotics Controls Engineer


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Hello everyone,

I know this site is not for job seeking, and I would like to take care of that side of things on my own. What I am here today asking is what I could look for to branch out deeper into the automation world.

I currently work with robotic paint systems for the auto industry. And I am in charge of PLC development on multiple platforms to communicate with safety devices, PLC (AB and Siemens), and the HMI. The company I work for is quite large and unless I want to get into the management side of things this will be the only real place I will be able to go.

I love the automation and PLC work i do. But I want to branch into smaller more dynamic team development, from concept to installation. I just do not really know exactly how to phrase what I am looking for to begin a search. The only real teamwork I get to experience is in field installation and debug when we all need to work together to "finish" the project on hand. Otherwise we are basically tuning our robotic system "product" to work with each customer, instead of creating a new robust solution to new problems/ideas for each new customer.

You all really blow me away with the amount of hands on knowledge of different products, sensors, and industrial equipment. And I would love nothing more than to find a way into this much wider world of automation.

Again I am not looking for a job opening, just some guidence from the community to better myself for what I love doing. Thanks in advance for any advice.
There is a lot of availability in growing theatrical and film automation. If you work for an installer you can work on projects from beginning to end with influence over new processes. Get to travel very much. Each project is very different and it will surprise you what companies and people want you to do with your system. They always try and push for something new. Even a lot of "Show me what your system can do". Believe me there will never be a dull moment, unless you are waiting around for the lighting people to be ready.