Node Access Control


My question is about user permissions.

For example:
user A (supervisor) can see all Nodes in Server, can execute Methods
user B (operator) can see only operational status of some Nodes and execute start/stop Method of one of the Nodes
user D (maintenance) can see extended status and execute "shutdown for maintain" Method of one of the Nodes

Do I need to create 3 different Profiles?
How to configure access?
Should these 3 users have different certificate if they access from the same HMI?
It is done differently? How?

Thank you for helping.


Fred Loveless

That really depends upon the products you are using. For example, KEPServerEX has a Security Plug-in that allows you to specify which users have access to what data and whether it is read only or read write access. This is based on the Username and password used to connect to the server from the UA Client.