Noise Reduction in CNC environment


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S.Jamal Sadreddini

Hi there, I am working with 3 heidenhain linear encoder to control the position of the 3 axis of Horizontal boring, but i have trouble in identification of true and clear pulses from whole of pulse trains including noises. Do you know some techniques to establish true linear encoder pulses from noise? system is very noisy especially when Spindle turns on. thanks for your attention Yektavaran Inc. 4th floor, east enterance, bldg no:35 Jemhouri Islami Ave, TABRIZ- IRAN Email: [email protected]
Be sure your feedback ground is not tied in with the power or machine ground. Otherwise, suppress the motor noise. Ask the motor vendor. Is it induction or DC motor with brushes? Tom

S.Jamal Sadreddini

Dear Tom, Thank you for your attention, but we have another problem. Question is this: How we can process the whole noisy signal to get clear Ruller pulses, Heidenhain solves this problem by signal processing, in other words, heidenhain see also signal with noise, but with signal processing this noise has gone out. thanks again, and hope to be success in your life anywhere, anytime. sincerely yours, S.Jamal Sadreddini

Alan Rimmington

Ensure the screen is connected to earth at one end of the cable only. Ensure signal cables are routed away from power cables.