Nokia NMS/10 to PlantScape SCADA Interface


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Mark Mullins

We have a project that will require us to interface the alarms and events from a Nokia Network Management System (NMS10) to a SCADA (Honeywell PlantScape SCADA). I am looking for any ideas and/or knowledge of the NMS/10 as to how we may be able to do this. Does anyone know if the NMS10 supports any protocols we can use to interface to a SCADA system. I believe it supports SNMP has anyone any experience with useing SNMP to generate alarms/events in a SCADA.

Adrian Moore

Our company produces telecoms equipment for NOKIA and I can tell you that NOKIA use bespoke protocol messaging on their NMS systems. However, it would be possible to protocol convert this protocol structure to something more acceptable for the SCADA. If you want to investigate further what we can do to help you with this project please contact me [email protected]