NON Contact Infrared Sensors


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We are looking at installing several Radiamatic II Infrared Sensors.
Does anyone have any prior use of this unit or any other type? If so, feed back would be great..

Thank you
What are going to do with them? What do they have to shoot through? Target size and distance? material at what temperature?

Why not use a thermocouple?
Its inside a rotating kiln and the temp is around 1400F
The distance is around 10 feet and the surface area is around 4-10"
Different non-contact IR models use different wavelengths. The wavelength determines what the sensor 'sees'.

It's critical that you get a model that will 'see' the radiated heat from the target, presumably the load in the kiln and at the same time, not 'see' the products of combustion.

Have you consulted the manufacturer on wavelength?

Is the burner flame between the sensor and the target in the sensor's sight path?