Non-Honeywell OPC server for ext. TDC 3000?


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I need to find a hardware/software solution for a customer facing a major upgrade for their TDC300 HMI front end. They want an open OPC based HMI solution and don't want to upgrade to Experion PKS. I'm a PLC SCADA system integrator and have only a cursory understanding of the Honeywell DCS system. Their system was installed 10-15 years ago and has had some upgrades. They are running R640(?)LCN. They have 8 universal stations (used for monitoring and back up operations) that need replacement.

The system has an AM, 2HMs, and 3 CGs on the LCN. The CGs talk to a third party scheduling, alarming, and reporting system.

There are 10 PMs and LMs on the UCN that need to remain.

I've seen a few software products out there from Matrikon... etc. but they all seem to require an old VAX or some sort of legacy computers.

Anyone done this before/recently that can point me to some products for this?


Chris Deverill


I've recently been looking at something similar for a customer, and have arrived at a couple of options. In both cases you still have to keep one or two Universal Stations for engineering functions though - it is only the operator interface that can be changed out to an OPC based HMI.

You need to be aware, however, of the functionality that you will be losing by moving away from the Universal Station/GUS, for example with respect to Areas, Units and Alarms/Messages. You get a lot of very useful functionality included in the US/GUS, so depending how the customer has implemented these aspects of the system, you may have a fair bit of work to implement the same or a similar thing in an OPC HMI.

I'd be happy to give you some more details off-list if you like - contact details are on the web page.

Chris D
I strongly suggest to upgrade to Experion PKS with ESVT server.

The OPC server is provided by Honeywell. Nobody else can build more performant OPC server because they have the documentation of their system, they know how to avoid problems, they have the experience with the OPC connection to the TDC.

Third party solutions could lead to unstable, unperformant, uncontrollable systems. By the way, if the client has SESP contract, than they can obtain the upgrade hardware and software with discount.