Non-standard XML RGB values?


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Chris Petrauskas

The XML RGB values in the XML set-up file for a HC900 seem to be non-standard. I am used to passing RGB values as three 0-255 octets. i.e - "255,255,255".

The default set-up file has some colors represented as five or seven digit #s with no delimiting:

One clue is that <RGB>255</RGB> seems to render 100% red (a.k.a. "255,0,0").

Does someone know how the RGB values *should* be passed?

Apparently this controller speaks Modbus X if that makes any difference.

I would gladly "RTFM" if someone had a resource to direct me to!

Thank you,
You might luck out and get a response about configuring your Mitsubishi HC900, but the Honeywell HC900 referred to on this forum in other threads is an industrial process controller, not a home theater projector.

Good Luck.