Not another ICS, PCS, PLC question...


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I've read tru a few threads here discussing the difference between ICS, PLC, PCS. After reading it i have the impression that after few decades of evolving they are becoming pretty much close to each other that the border is starting to fade.

But at the mean time i was also told that PLC is very different from PCS, in that PLC is more on safety which require higher reliability, performance etc as compared to PCS which is mainly used for process control.

So I'm very curious, is ICS some sort of hybrid that serve both Process Control & Safety? Are we even allowed to combine both functions together?

I hear that PLC requires faster response & redundancy than PCS, but my question is, do ICS/PCS/PLC work in similar ways, do they use similar computer system & hardware/architecture or even though they feel the same they are developed in a totally different way which makes them Not The Same?

Hope you pros can help clear out the confusion.
I am not sure if there is another definition of ICS, but GE has a control system for power plants originally based on the Mark VI Speedtronic turbine control system, and currently based on the Mark VIe turbine control system. ICS stands for Integrated Control System. The Mark VIe version includes dual redundant controllers for the balance of plant and HRSG controls fully integrated with the TMR gas and steam turbine controls. As far as I know, it is not offered as a general purpose DCS in competition with the systems offered by ABB, Emerson, Invensys Foxboro, Honeywell, Yokogawa and others.
Hope this helps.