Not Attaining Lift on Bearing 4 on GE frame 9E


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We have a GE frame 9E and we just completed a major inspection. We are unable to attain any oil lift at both bearing 4 and 5 OF GE FRAME 9E.

The generator rotor had to be factory re-winded following a grounds fault. We are attaining 2400 Psi and 2000 Psi at bearing 4 and 5 respectively, but no lift on the shaft. We replaced the check Valves to the bearing, and we are still not recording any lift. We replaced the dial indicator but still not recording any lift.

Is your post from the same site as the following post:

It's most likely that because the problem in the URL above is not controls-related and no one who has read the threads has any suggestions or information that there have been no responses.

Have you contacted Elin or GE or the packager of the turbine-generator for help?

This forum is primarily for controls-related issues, and this post (and the one in the URL above) are probably not caused by nor related to the turbine control system. Both are probably the result of improper reassembly or the use of bearings with the incorrect internal clearances.

Please contact the generator manufacturer and/or the packager of the turbine-generator for assistance.

Best of luck with your problem.
Are the check valves installed in the correct orientation? We got our bearings back and one of the check valves was installed forward and the other was backwards. We found this after reassembly, during the final checks.

Are you getting return oil in the bearing drain? There should be an obvious change in the oil flow when you turn on/off the lift oil. If not, there is likely a block in the line or restricted flow.

There is not a lot of things it could be. Busted hose? Doesn't sound like it as you have pressure. Was a plug left in the piping somewhere? Were the check valves installed properly? Was the bearing machined to the proper spec? Check your tolerances.

I agree with CSA, doesn't sound like a control issue. I am familiar with the 7FA, not but there is nothing electrical that will stop the oil flow if you are getting pressure to the bearing. Good luck.