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Will P

Hi all:

I'm wondering if anyone has ever done a custom integration to a Notifier system using their BACNet gateway. This is currently operating with no issues when connected to Johnson Controls NAE. However, I have been asked to put together a custom integration using Wonderware InTocuh HMI. I am using TopServer BACNet OPC server, but even with the exact settings used in my Johnson Controls setup, I am unable to discover the Notifier panels. I can discover and connect to the BACNet gateway itself, but not the 3 panels that it connects to. On the same network, I have a Trane Chiller control panel which is discovered and connects without issue. Notifier has been no help to me thus far.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I just had this gateway installed trying to interface with Cimplicity HMI ver 7.5 using OPC 2.0 So far I can not communicate with the gateway to find any of the points. nothing!! I am not very confident in the contractor either for tech support. I can ping the device but even my BACnet OPC server interface from Dimension Software will NOT see the gateway. I am still troubleshooting. In the long run, this BACNET is crap. Should have stuck with MODBUS at least. There are too many protocols out there. I will keep you posted.
BACNet is a very useful protocol. The Notifier panel seems to be the problem. I have seen a number of people try with various OPC servers with no success. It states that it supports BACNet/IP and even has a PICS statement but does not seem to allow the connection.
If you're integrating Notifier AM6000 / AM4000 / AM2000 have a look at ESAC BACnet gateway for Notifier. eBACgw-Notifier is the name of the gateway. You can find all information on the BACnet Open Catalogue within the BACnet Interest group Europe website with datasheet and PICS file.
BACnet is a great standard for interoperability.