NPN NC proximity sensor not being seen by PLC MicroLogix 1100 controller.

Good evening, all. I'm a student and new to the PLC world and new to the Forum. I'm working on a class project but am unable to get my MicroLogix 1100 (1763-L16BWA) to recognize the NPN proximity sensor (Taiss LJ12A3-4-Z/AX) once I connect the the 0V. When I connect the power (brown) wire to my controller 24V+, the 0V (blue) wire to my 24V-, the light on the sensor lights up and my meter reads correct voltage. However, once I connect the sensor's output (black) wire to my PLC input, the indicator light goes off on the PLC. Since my PLC doesn't acknowledge it, my program doesn't respond. I'm at a loss as to why this is happening so I don't know anything more to try. Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks! d
Update: I continued researching the problem and have decided that the abuse of my problem stems from the fact that my sensor is NPNand my controller won't play nice with the 0V it needs to switch. So, I'm regrouping with PNP sensors instead. We'll see....
For NPN connection, assuming Group a terminals on the 1100 and 1100 DC OUT p/s:

Prox Brown wire connects to DC (+)

Prox Black wire connects to 1100 terminal I/0 (in group a)

Prox Blue wire connects to DC (-). The 1100 DC COM terminal must also be jumpered to DC (-). Connecting DC COM to DC (-) makes "group a" all NPN connections.

DC 3 wire NPN NC.JPG

Sinking input wiring.JPG