npn / pnp sensors wire colors


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Does anybody knows if the wire´s colors, for NPN(white, blue, brown) and PNP(brown, blue, black), a standard?
US mfgs used Black - Red + White signal for years. In Japan they used: Brown + Blue - Black signal
the Europeans went to Brown Blue Black about 10-12 years ago. That is standard for NPN or PNP. Now days different mfgs use a fourth wire White for various things:
Dark operate, complementary outputs (NPN and PNP) or teach inputs on very new stuff.

Roland Lilja

No it's NOT a "Standard" but the most common coding iwe seen is like this:

Blue = -
Brown = +
Black = PNP output

White = NPN output (If applicabel) some sensors have used the white wire for other funktions.

For example SICK fotocells uses this to chose the funktion NormalyOpen/NormalyClosed. And in fact the company IFM uses the Blue and Brown tho chose this function instead on some of their sensors.
(In the example abow the function is NO and if you conect - to Brown and + to Blue the function is NC).
So the answer to your question is "Sorry there is no standard for the coding"

Best regards, Roland Lilja

Christian Dow

Yes it is a standard... The Brown is positive, Blue is Ground, Black is Output 1, and White is output 2.