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J-F Portala

Hi listers,
I have a small application concerning process management on an intranet.
The OS are NT workstation.

I would like to connect another PC to this intranet by means of a modem, there is no network line available, and radio connection will be difficult.

What are the tools I need to make one PC of my intranet a server to a modem connection, in order to use the intranet.

Thank you for your help.

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Matt Warshawsky

The tools for remote access to a LAN are actually included with Windows NT. You need to set up Remote Access Server. I'm sorry, I've switched up to 2000 Pro which does it slightly differently and don't remember the details, but hopefully this will send you in the right direction.

Matt Warshawsky
Hi listers,
I think using PC Anywhere program might solve your requirement. It's a software used to connect PCs via modem for data transfer.You may download or upload data from one PC to another.
Check it.
Good luck