Numa Logic PLC software documentation


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Mike Spaeth

I'm looking for some info on the old Numa-Logic PLC software. I've been handed a printout of one of these and need some help determining how the seperate functions work (i.e. timers, counters, etc..)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Are you looking for stuff on the old HPPC-1500 system, we are still using it at our bakery. WE only have one book on it there is a company that supports the boards and repairs the old ones. It was the WEstinghouse PLC back in the early 70's. Cutler-hammer took over that part of their division you might find some hard information from them. There is also places in England that are still using those systems still. THere are some old bakeries out west using the HIPPO also. I'll see if I can look up the automation repair company when I go back to work on Thursday.
Wish ya luck. THere are also some engineers at Stewart-Sasib in texas that installed some of the orginal HPPC's.
Thanks for the info, I'm basically looking for what 'TT' and 'TS' bits are. I know they are timers, but I don't know what type. The printout I have has no descriptions (Gotta love programming). If you know, it would really help. Thanks

George R. Jones

The TT and TS are tenths of a second and second timers. They require two inputs to control them.
The top line requires a contact to begin timing. The second line is the reset. This also requires a contact closure. This contact, when opened resets the timer to zero. There are two functions in the timer block, The top one
represents the time to be timed. This can be a constant, a holding register or an output register. Hope this helps.
George R. Jones