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Crucius, Wesley

Can anyone send me, or tell me where to find, documentation on the Object Model / Automation Interface for the Siemens S7 PLC programming software? mailto:[email protected] Thanks.

Ronald H. Nijssen

As you probably know is the "Command Interface" an Automation Interface which allows applications written typically in Visual Basic to manage Projects and Project Objects like programs, Function Blocks and the Hardware, of a Step7 Application It's included on V5.0 Sp1 CD, but doesn't copy on your system during install. You will have to go back to the CDE and copy the information manually If you have any problem getting to it please contact me or the Siemens Hotline [email protected] Kind regards Ronald Nijssen [email protected]

Robert D. Wagner, P.E.

Wesley: If you have the Step 7 ver.5.1 CD with service pack 1, information is located in subdirectory: Step7\Sp1\disk1\S7usocx. You may find this directory on other recent versions of Step 7 as well. Although Siemens Tech support will direct you to this information, they will not provide support for it. Robert D. Wagner, P.E.

McDermid, John

Do you have an account that doesn't indicate we are RSI employees? We don't have SP1, but don't want to EMail directly to ask for it...

Ronald H. Nijssen

Why don't you just purchase Step7 from Siemens. As Siemens employee I also buy Rockwell Software if I need it. RSLogix and RSLinx are on my desk for occaissions when I need to connect Siemens HMI or Profibus equipment to an Allen Bradley Controller. I also have called the Rockwell support line and got good service regardless of the company I work for Kind regards Ronald Nijssen Siemens Energy & Automation Inc