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Willy Smith

Hello List,

I had a strange problem booting my PC today. It gave me a divide by zero error three times on booting up with no other message. The machine is set up to boot Windows98, Windows NT, or Linux, so I then booted NT. It booted successfully, and gave a message that the date was wrong. It turned out that the date had "set itself" to the year 1610. Once I reset the system date, Win98 boots sucessfully.

Of course, if I had thought to go into the setup, I could have noticed this. As it was, I had seen my day flash before my eyes reinstalling Win98.
I *could* have wasted a lot of time on this. Hope this helps someone else!


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Anthony Kerstens

Do you have a b-step Pentium? That is, one of the infamous buggy Pentium chips with the bad math processor?

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.