Obtaining Data from L&T Trivector Meter ER300P Through Modbus


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I need to get data from L&T ER300P through Modbus using modpoll. I successfully read data from Schneider EM6400 using modpoll. Using modscan32, I get data from ER300P. Is it possible to read ER300P data using modpoll?
Yes, it's possible. Both Modscan32 and Modpoll are generic Windows Modbus master/clients. So if you can read data from a Modbus slave/server using Modscan32, you should be able to read the same data using Modpoll.

If the comm link is RS-232 or RS-485, then either will likely use a USB/RS-xxx converter installed on a virtual COM port. You'd need to know which COM port that is in order to get Modscan communicating with the slave.

Make sure that you close Modscan32 before trying Modpoll because only one application can access the converter on its COM port at a time. Configure the same serial comm settings in Modpoll as you have in Modscan32.

What is the requirement that you use Modpoll? Most people use either to test the port and connection before using a PLC, PAC or DCS. What does Modpoll offer that you need to show its performance with this particular slave energy meter?