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Jigar Shah

PLC3 processor is replaced by ControlLogix processor. In existing system there is one communication channel where Infy90 DCS reads and writes certain Analog and Digital Data into PLC3.

This Infy90 is retained in new system and needs to communicate with new CLX processor.

Total volume of signal interface is huge. Therefore if the bit and word addresses are retained in octal format, then there will be no need to modify anything data table in Infy90.

Any insight on this would be appreciated.
Gets kind of complicated but if you follow this instruction it will be a bit easier. In the Data Types/User-Defined section, create a user defined data type that 'maps' the octal data into the hex. Then for each instance of this type, create a controller tag using this user defined data type.

To facilitate process you can export tags and use Excel to fix up and then import them complete with a cross reference to your octal data names in the reference.
Dear RSPete.

Thanks for the help. However I m not not able to convert the current DINT bit addresses to new Octal Type. Also while making new datatype, CLX asks for Member Name. This is where i m getting confused. However I created one Data Type with one member with datatype as BOOL and Style as OCTAL. Then I tried to converted existing Controller Tag file B14 (Which is currently in DINT data type with 102 words)

My need is to change these B14 File/word/Bit address from current Decimal to Octal so that Infy90 can access the same bits from new CLX system.

Like My B14 File should not have Bit 8 and 9 and follow Octal Addressing.

I think with your help I m very near my target. Some more help wwould be highly appreciated.

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Jigar Shah