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David Maes

Dear list,

Does anyone have know of a good ocx to communicate with a plc of SIEMENS?

It will have to work under WIN95 with Visual Basic 6.0.
It should be completely configurable (as any other ocx) and usable with both RS232 (for S5) as well as RS485 (for S7) com-ports.
It should be extremely reliable, as well as for data transmision as for not-making-Billi's-software-go-berzerk.
It would preferably be free or very cheap (if nessecary a demo with an anoing "This is an unregistered version."-message or so).

In other words, it has to be a very well written thingy.

Oh yeah, did I mention that it also has to have a very little refreshrate without obstructing the other processes to much?

Never mind the typo's.

Thanks a million.

Dave Maes
Dear Dave,
I'm Technical Teacher in Control system division
I'm working in Delphi and I use S7 200 CPU 214. I need this OCX for PC PLC communication. If you have it, can you give me. I want use it for some project.
I wait your email,
Thank you for everything

Best Regards.

Maguire, Kevin

There is an S7 OCX called "S7 Data OCX" available with Siemens' WinAC (PC-based Control product) as well as stand alone with a product called Simatic Computing.

It should be available through normal Siemens distribution channels.

I am not aware of an OCX for S5 though.