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Henning Aagesen

We have developed several .ocx-components for a winCC project in Germany...
The development tool were Delphi 6...
Most times they work fine but suddenly we can get a DAX-error... and then a access violation....

What is a DAX-error..??
Has anyone had similar problems...??
Were should the .ocx-files be placed before registration...??

Any help will be most appreciated.... *S*

Mathias Lindgren

Hi !

I have also made several ocx:s in WinCC.
I used VB 6.0.

The DAX error that you get I dont have an clue about...

But my experience with my project was that it was
very necessary to include some error handling that writes error codes to an file on the computer.

The biggest problem that I had was when I made an change to an ocx then sometimes all WinCC machines had to be restarted to let go of the
ocx file (unknown object...).

I think that the best way to register the ocx files is to place all ocx:s on the server because when you updates a file you only have to re
register the ocx and not to copy a new file to all the machines if of course not you have put in some new dependency files...
Also make paths to error files,db connections,passwd and that kind of stuff editable in the register on every computer.

Hmm I dont think that you got much help from this but it's always nice to share experiences...


Best Regards
Mathias Lindgren