OEM System Testing and Validation


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<p>I've been working for an OEM for the past few years, after previously working for a few different systems integrators.</p>

<p>In the integrator world, at least in my time and where I worked, we didn't focus much attention on testing and validation of systems that we put together. The testing process was "run the system; does it work? great, I'm out of here ... call me if you have any problems."</p>

<p>Where I am know there was nothing in place for testing and validation when I started, since it was a start-up company and I designed all the systems from the ground up. Putting together a systems testing a validation regime is the task I'm currently looking at, and I'm very curious as to the extent and rigor for testing and validation of changes that some of you OEM controls engineers out there go through.</p>

<p>Does anybody out there use bugzilla? Testopia?</p>


Bob Peterson

I work for a system integrator. The OEMs and end users we work for have different levels of testing, validation, and verification they require.

A fair amount of it amounts to turn it on, run it, and see what happens. That approach works really well for most things we do.

Other times we engage in a more systematic and organized approach. Just depends on what out customer is willing to pay for.