Offline Modicon 984 Programming


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Rob Scholefield

I apologize if this question seems rudimentary but I do not have great deal of experience with Modicon PLCs. I have been asked by a client to perform some offline edits to their PLC program. The PLC is a Modicon 984 and the software that my client uses is the Proworx NxT.

I have Proworx 32 and the Fast Track PLC workshop software. My question is: If I take a copy of the PLC program, modify it, then download the new program to the PLC will my client be able to view those changes and continue to have access to his program using his Proworx NxT? If just the logic transfers, that is ok as I could add the comments into the Proworx NxT version manually after the download.

Any help would be appreciated...
Modicon 984 controllers do not store any documentation. You can upload and download the logic all you want and work with it, but keeping the documentation up-to-date, which is only stored on your PC, is troublesome. You should not have much trouble with register/coil descriptors. These are bound to addresses and can be imported and exported from one programming utility to another. But network comments can get FUBARed very easily. It is possible to bind a network comment to a coil. Doing so is an option in Proworx but I don't think it is the default setting. A lot of ordinary networks in 984RLL have just math instructions. So unless you throw an unused coil on the network somewhere there's nothing to bind the network comment to other than the network's number. Without the binding of a network's comment to a coil adding and deleting networks causes network comments to be shifted to the wrong network as multiple users modify the program.