Oil in condensate process line

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Dittrich, Rodolfo

Hi all,

I'm trying to find the best way to measure oil in a condensate process line. The line should carry condensate at 40..60=BAC at a pressure of 2Kg/cm2. I need to detect the presence of oil in that line to prevent damage of other equipments.

Somebody could help, telling which is the best way to detect this condition.

Thank You,

Larry Kolbert

A gamma density gauge may be a solution? Several companies make such a device, TN Technologies being one of them. Web is TN-KSI.com.

L. Kolbert

William L. Mostia, Jr

I have no experience with this meter but it may meet your needs:

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Adolfo Jimmy Saldivias Valarezo

I have the need for gamma density gauges, and so far have been able to only find TN technologies to manufacture such a product. Would you guide me to other manufacturers?
Thanks Jimmy
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Rodney Stevens

A search of the web will give you any number of hits on nuclear density gauge suppliers. You should be able to find one.

Amdel and Scantech in Australia use to supply density gauges. If you have a one off application that commercial units can not handle,
we build and supply nuclear based instruments to the Oil and Minerals industry.

Rodney Stevens
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Elan SS s/e 45/7616
If i assume you are looking for trace quantities, you might try Rivertrace engineering at http://www.rivertrace.com where they have p.p.m. measurements (essential for pollution control aboard ships and in industrial installations). There are, i believe, other manufacturers but this is the only one i have looked at.