Oil in Water Detector - Gross Measurement 0-10%


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In a crude plant, there is an application where the water from a surge tank goes to a water pond. There might be crude and other hydrocarbons in the tank and it is not expected that those get into the low drain.

In the past there has been an incident that the oil has somehow drained to the pond. We are looking for a cheap (less than $10K), online, preferably retractable insertion type gross oil detector/analyser that can either provide a 4-20mA signal or provide a relay contact at a certain setpoint. The process temperature is about 100 degree Celsius and pressure is less than 2 barg. It should have IECEx certificate for zone 1, T3 (Ex d, EX i).

Normally there is less than 30ppm oil in the water but we would like to have an alarm around 5% oil in water should something abnormal happens. I have looked at Agar and Roxar but the client wants something simpler and cheaper. I have come across some water cut meters but I am not sure if they perform well at high water contents. I wonder if something like capacitance, conductivity or optical would do.

I would appreciate if you could share your thoughts on this with me preferably advising the brand/model.

This device is low cost, but it only detects oil on top of water. It will give you a relay contact output. Not sure how to post a picture here. very cost effective, three SS balls float in on water, conductive..

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