Oil, Sludge & water level measurement


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Andrew Ng

Looking for an instrument that can measure the level of 3 phases in a settling tank. The bottom consist of water, next sludge and finally oil on the top. I need to know where each of the phase begins and ends.
Hi - Almeg level sensors can detect hydrocarbons on water - another water float will sink through the hydrocarbons to detect water level. The sludge - if sp. gr. of the sludge is a different from the hydrocarbon and water - a float can be supplied to detect it. Readings can be point level or continuous. The readout can be 4-20, voltage or resistive. This specific information is not on the site - but the basic continuous operation can be found.
See "http://www.almegcontrols.com":http://www.almegcontrols.com
Thanks Bob Hogg

Khan, Mohammad

For this kind of service we recently tried two types of systems. Both neuclear but different theories. Both are called density profilers and give you good info about the different products inside a tank depending upon density measurement. One is by tracerco, a very clear picture inside the tank and very very stable but a lot more expensive. The other was Smartscan by Ohmart, with few glitches and lot more maintenance. I think Ohmart brought this product out a bit too soon without much of a R&D. We are in Oil Sand industry and always looking for this type of measurement. If you come across something simple and cheap please let me know.

Vince Dooley

In addition to the suggestions so far you might want to look at sound velocity techniques. Oceanographers use sound velocity meters that would probably work. You might have to do the automation to drive the sensor up and down. Nusonics (Mesalabs) make industrial and laboratory sonic velocity meters.

Vince Dooley

John E Carter

Currently undertaking onsite audit in Houston Tx of tanks containing oil/water/sludge using Thermal Image Camera, strapping table data stored in template format and level/vol calculated tank profile monitored from four locations. Method is cost effective.

John E Carter
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