Oil/Water interface


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Thales Lima

I need to find one manufacturer of Oil/Water interface detector. Basically the SLOP tanks in the FPSO will receive produced oily water. When the level of interface is high, the slop pumps will start and will transfer oil from slop tanks back to process plant. The slop tanks are 28 meters high, but the interface will be around 20 meters.

Joery van Dipte

Without knowing exactly what the content of entrained water in oil is at the level of the interface, my best guess would be an capacitive sensor. You could check at OY LABKOTEC AB at the following website http://www.labko.fi
go to the LABKOTEC Section. Perhaps they can help you.

Willem de Jong

This is well feasible by measuring the ultrasonic sound velocity. By inserting the Rhosonics MP-130 at 20 meters (where you want to detect the interface), the sensor will tell you exactly whether there is oil or water. It even tells you the volumetric concentration if there is an emulsified layer between the oil and the water. For more information see www.rhosonics.nl Willem de Jong
You may be interested in a new sensor which measures oil-0n-water or the level of oil on top of the interface. Check out the website, www.leakwise.com for demo and product information. It is very sensitive, however, its limitation is that it will measure only several inches of oil, but it has been used to control the draw off of slop tanks, skimmers, etc.
i happen to meet the same question, I used the de-brook RF level transmitter to measure interface of oil/water, but I did not find a transmitter to measure level and interface or thickness of oil.
See GEMS Sensors catalog page h-2 or go to their web site