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Hello All,

I am trying to determine what are the advantages of having a power transformer (132kV /66 kV) with an OLTC range of +5% to -15% around the nominal 132 kV.

The HV side of the transformer is the termination for a relatively long 132kV Tx line and the LV side is the busbar at my base load power station (which is relatively remotely located compared to the other stations in my small island country).

What I have suspected is that the lower tap range allows for a greater control of the 66kV busbar voltage in the event of a generating unit offline as VAr production would be severly diminished.

Any other thoughts from the community?
Yashivar... your logic is correct!

Apparently the system designers anticipated lower voltage conditions than normal,on the 132kV OVH transmission line.

Regards, Phil Corso