Old GE TIL for Lube Oil Heaters on FR6B

The customer I am working with has installed a new 23QT-1 Lube Oil Heater on a FR6B gas turbine unit. They believed they had a faulty element but have just found the same problem as previously.

When the temperature switch enables the immersion heater to switch on, it trips on the heaters thermostatic protection shortly after. As the heater is an immersion type, I would expect that it would be designed to operate immersed in oil. As normal for these units the lube oil heater is installed in a thermowell and hence operates in an air space.

I have discovered on an earlier thread that there may be a GE TIL with regard to the wiring terminations (star v delta) that may pertain to this issue.

Can anyone supply/direct me to this til or at the least let me know its number so that I can continue to look for it.



TIL 1428-3 Title is "Leaks on Lube Oil Heaters (23QT) on 6B Units."
I can scan a copy if you enclose an email.
Dear Turbinetech

Have you had a chance to send that TIL. I haven't seen it arrive in my inbox yet.

Dear All and Turbinetech,

Just to update on the resolution of this issue. The new heater was supplied with a factory configured link setting of DELTA. As per the TIL 1428-3 the links were reconfigured to STAR and the heaters are now in operations with a reduced current and heat output.

thanks to Turbinetech for your help

If the heater is controlled from a temperature transmitter think about also cutting it out on LOW temperature.

I have seen lube oil heaters boil when someone turned off the instrument power supply which turned on the heat, set it somewhere less than ambient.