Old Keyboard Laptop for USB


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Started a project to run my old compaq laptop.

However I'm suffering a hardship on the keyboard :(
The laptop keyboard is very very old and I can not find a way to convert to USB.

Could someone help me?

Old Keyboard laptop for USB
I don't know of any type of converter plug off-hand. Laptop connectors are typically specific to brand/model. This is the keyboard from the laptop, so I would suggest plugging in a standard USB keyboard, and leaving the old keyboard plugged in, unless your BIOS can be reconfigured to ignore keyboard errors and accept USB keyboard/mice. If the laptop does not have a USB port available, it might have a PS/2 port (a small round port with 6 pins and a rectangular plastic 'key'). Old (1990's/early 2000's) laptops were particularly proprietary in their designs, and usually limited (by today's standards) in terms of expandability.

Best of luck!

Curt Wuollet

Really hard to tell what kind of encoding they might have onboard. Any thing can be done, but I doubt there's an easy way.