Old Leeds and Northrup Damper Control


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Tom Brown

My Dad was asking me about an old L&N Damper control that was on the HVAC system on a control room in a power plant.
From what I can get from him it consisted in part of a heart sharped chamber, air flowed in the bottom (point of heart)of the chamber. A puff of air from either side would cause the air to travel along the opposite side of the chamber the puff of air came from. Thats about all I know. If anyone has any answers I would like to hear from you. Thanks.
What you describe is a fluidic switch. This principle has also been applied in pneumatic control.

Hmm. That sounds like an interesting application of the Coanda effect (there are flowmeters based on this principle...the best known is the MycroSensor flowmeter that used to be Moore Products').

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