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Joe Burns

I read an old posting about using radio modems (terminal node Controllers) to link 2 plc's. A few suggestions for anyone considering this. If using simplex radio as opposed to direct parallel cable, remember that simplex is one way, so a baud rate of 9600 is half the speed at simplex than at
duplex or Parallel cable. Ham radio ops have been doing this for years, they call it Packet Radio. Packet was invented by hams, and as you know, packet is the basis of how the Internet works. If you want to learn more about TNC's and radio, search under Packet Radio, TNC or Ham radio.
Alternatively you can look for commercial radio network devices which are designed specifically for IT networks, they are duplex, have a wide bandwidth and can transfer data at rates greater than 56k in duplex. I use one in Ham radio for Fast Scan Television. For your information. Joe Burns. EI/