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Brenda C.

Does somebody know about an old HMI package from Texas Instruments called Control vision unit?

I have an application running in this software and I need to make changes.

Any help will be apreciated.

Gerry Morris

It's an HMI software package that runs on TI PC hardware from the early 80's, incompatible with the 'IBM PC compatible' hardware format, communicating on the Tiway of the day. I came out of college at that time and realized it was TI's last-ditch effort to save their PC line as IBM PC's took off. Forget about mods or getting tech support. The product did not survive the 80's. I've been out there 20 years??? Who remembers the TI-565 PLC?

Jeremy Pollard

Sure do... those were the days.

Dr Halo can alter the graphics (non-animated) and the files are text based so you can edit with notepad if necessary.

I have a CVU board:) What version of the software are you in need of? I would check with Siemens also.

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I just happened to run into your post as I was searching for CVU info.

I have CVU on a TI-555 system. And I have... what I have always assumed was... the one-and-only manual.

I have no idea if I have all there is to be had... what have you got?

My original CVU Software is on a set of 5-1/4" Floppies. That, in itself, "dates" my version of CVU. I don't recall what version I have... but I would love to know if there was a version that was shipped on 3-1/2" diskettes... and then, possibly, get my hands on a copy.

Again, my e-mail is... [email protected]
>I have all of the manuals for
>Please reply if you need them.

Please, if someone still has CVU 10000 manuals, I'd appreciate to get them by email or rapidshare.

Maybe somebody can help me with an error I get while trying to start the runtime: Facility error code detected during boot.

Siemens neglects any help: support about CVU is terminated. The website holds no documents about CVU.

Jeremy Pollard

Crap I think I even have the software

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