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D. Ogle

Can someone advise me as to where I may locate the last DOS version of AB's Panelbuider software? I have several older panelviews to reprogram and upgrading or replacing them is out of the question.
I have software and manual for AB Bulletin 2700 Panel-view Operators panel. Software did work early 1995?? You are welcome to the complete package contact me with your address and I can send it to you, I'm cleaning out <smile>

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john Y.
I don't think you can buy the last DOS version of AB's Panelbuilder Software. They are currently using RSView 32. I believe you can only get the DOS software through a software renewal and that could be nearly as expensive as upgrading. Contact Rockwell Software @ 1-440-646-7800.

Alan Rimmington

Dont remember a DOS version, however the latest Windows version should support all the old hardware (back to v1.01). I know that one recent issue of Panelbuilder messed up older Panelviews, but this seems to have been fixed (and the mess-up wasnt fatal).

Here's the scoop:

2711-ND1, originally known as "PDS DOS" will support PanelView 1200 terminals from version 1.01 to 5.x.

2711-ND1W, called "PanelBuilder 1200 for Windows", supports only the Version 5.x firmware terminals.

Upgrade kits are available to add enhancements that came up over the product's 11-year life, but as I understood the original post there's
no budget for upgrades.

2711-ND1 should still be purchaseable through your A-B dealer. It is not
available for free download.

If your terminals require so little work that you don't own the software now, you'll probably be ahead buying the application labor from an
integrator who already owns and is familiar with PanelBuilder 1200.