omni antenna

Hi all,
I am currently working on a project where i have to transfer video signals to a distance of 10km. i want to know that can i use a omni antenna on one side and a directional antenna on the other side. reason for using omni antenna is that side is a rotating fixture .so we need 360 degree coverage. i want to know whether this will work and also if there is any omni antenna which can transfer video signals you can share the datasheet\part no.

Dear Satish,
Of course you can. It would help if you would specify frequency+power in watts and modulation type.
But if you keep the polarization vertical you can use an omnidirectional vertical antenna in the center and use yagi directional antenna's around it. You also have to use them vertically polarized, this means: keeping the pins of the directional antenna in the same position as the central vertical omnidirectional antenna in the center.
Some info on antennae I use a lot for my amateur radio hobby (callsign PA3SKY) :
Please remember that antennae are designed for a specific frequency to operate properly. You need an antenna for the frequency that you use for that specific frequency range otherwise the impedance is not ok (mostly 50ohms) and then the power stage of the transmitter (which is also often 50ohms) is mismatched with the antenna (can cause damage to the transmitter output stage).
So select an antenna for your specific frequency range.