Omni Flow Computer MODBUS Addresses in Factorylink


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I am working in upgrading metering control system and facing problem in getting MODBUS addresses of Omni flow computer tags. the old system architecture is the flow computer is connected directly to workstation by serial cable. HMI software is factorylink with OPC server to connect the FCs beside PLCs.

i can read the tags in OPC form, but can't find the original Modbus addresses that i can use in my new design which deal with Modbus protocol entering S7-400.

advice pls


provide additional information

1. Factorylink version

2. OPC server software name - matrikon, kepware or others
3. Also if you would like to receive quick answer - send me your FactoryLink application as a single archive mps

You can contact me via email [email protected]

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You may use a free MB tool I can e-mail you to determine the MB addresses. If your app is using more native OMNI addresses, then I shall send you another tool that is specific to Omni flow computers. There is a more elaborate Modbus Analyzer software that our company makes also. You may send me the archived factorylink sw. I have factorylink software & can help you figure out the addresses as well.

good luck.
Sonam Bang,, [email protected]
Parijat Controlware, Inc.
Houston, TX, USA